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Beginner Kids Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In November!

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Kando Martial Arts’ Kids Martial Arts program places emphasis not only on discipline, respect and self defence, but also encourages the children to learn through fun and enjoyment of the art. At Kando Martial Arts, we realise that Martial Arts is not just about kicking and punching, but about building confidence and life skills that will benefit in every day living.

The results from our Kids Martial Arts program are reflected in the children – internally in the growth and personal development, and externally in the form of many state and national representatives in competition. We also reinforce values you will be teaching your children at home, including important issues such as self respect, how to avoid and deal with bullying, and when to use their karate for self defence.

Learn Effective Self Defence & Build Confidence With Kids Martial Arts In Hughesdale!

  • Kinder Ninjas (Ages 3 and 4)

Nobody has more fun than Kando Kinder Ninjas!  This fun, safe, developmental “pre” Martial Arts program is designed to bring out the best in your child.  They think that the classes are just plain fun, but we know that they are developing vital motor skills, focus and socialising skills so important at this age.

  • Little Dragons (Ages 5 and 6)

The Kando “Little Dragons” program is an age specific curriculum for 4 and 5 year olds that is professionally designed to teach children important life skills in a fun, exciting and enriching manner. Our secret to teaching your child is one of “edutainment” with the children having a great time with the skills and lessons wrapped in fun.

The 8 main life skills we teach in our Little Dragons program are: Focus, Self Control, Memory, Fitness, Coordination, Discipline, Balance and Teamwork. Along with family values such as Good Manners, Respect, Following Directions, Healthy Eating, and Safety Lessons including Stranger Danger, When to Call 000, Fire and Road Safety, this is a program that is more than just punching and kicking.

  • Junior Program (Ages 7 to 12)

In the Kando Junior Program we focus on incorporating martial arts skills into a holistic approach to self defence and personal development. Some of the important life skills your child will learn at Kando are respect, confidence, self defence, self control, fitness and coordination.

We also reinforce values that you will be teaching your children at home, such as self respect, how to avoid and deal with bullying, and most importantly when to use their martial arts training. The results from our Junior Program are amazing, with benefits available to all children regardless of age, coordination or fitness.

Give Your Child A Kick Start On A Successful Life With Kids Martial Arts!

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Kinder Ninjas

Ages 3 And 4

Little Dragons

Ages 5 And 6

Junior Martial Arts

From Age 7 To 12